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In addition she is a lecturer, writer, teacher, motivational speaker, Reiki master and intuitive psychic medium. She is quickly becoming known as "The New Voice For A New Age" around the globe.

Lisa J. uses her accurate and healing psychic and mediumship abilities to help empower people to live like the "Rockstars" they were born to be. Her unique delivery, her positive attitude, her approachable girl next-door charm and her down to earth messages are quickly touching the lives of people all over the world.

Lisa believes that we are all intuitive, we are all psychic and there is nothing she can do that you cannot. This is not about believing in psychic abilities. Lisa is not about proving that spirit exists or that your loved ones are still with you even though she has given thousands of messages that prove they are. Lisa's passion is to teach others that being 'psychic is as natural as breathing' and can be used to enrich lives.

Lisa J. Smith works with her clients, listeners and audience members in a unique way so as to touch their soul and heal their hearts. Her unique and positive outlook on life is changing the way people around the world view themselves and others even through tough times.

Lisa J. Smith is available for lectures, college-speaking events, television and radio appearances and is currently working on writing her first book.

As she says, "Wherever you are, I am too".

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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Saturday, August 27, 2011



at times we want to be a victim, are down, feel alone & believe the universe is NOT working in our favor. we MUST trust that an amazing & beautiful synchronicity will ALWAYS show up to remind us that life is beautiful, we are never alone & that EVERYTHING is the way it is supposed to be.

we may not understand 'Life' in the moment. that is ok. maybe we are not supposed to. it is not about always understanding, for that is what the limits of the mind want us to do... it is being with in it...when we are truly within life there is no need to understand for the understanding is provided for us.

if we open our hearts to a greater awareness & the moment itself, we will know and feel we are always being loved , protected & cared for by something that is not easily able to describe. it is when we surrender and open our hearts to all hat is and what ever is... alas the miracles happen.

Thank you author and Hawaiian dweller, Tom Catton for being in my "flo" today. i am blessed by you!

i am blessed and so grateful for the synchronicity that lead me to you...Randy Rogers, and the beauty that life brings. we may not always have a plan but when we live within the flow of the action...life happens and provides!

although never an addict of drugs, alcohol, etc....aren't we all an addict of something???? i know i am and i am willing to bet you are too!



inspired while sitting in the sun, with my most beloved MAUI BABE, in the motor city on a beautiful STILL summer day

Oh Hawaii ...are you calling my name? you keep showing up!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An email sent to YOU saying THANK YOU for ALLLL your support! It has been OVERWHELMING, in a great way!! xo


As you may already know, or not, my show at CBS has ended as of Friday August 19. Due to reasons outside of my control, CBS has decided to go another way with their programming from 3-PM ET. This was a complete shock to me but understand business is business and everything is the way it needs to be. It had nothing to do with me or my show. For now, they are still playing encores.

Although no one is more sad than me to not be able to connect with you everyday, I know that the universe has bigger plans for me...for us. Now I can work on my TV plans and my book as well as a new venue for the show!

In the meantime, I am looking for a new home for Lisa J. NOW! that is bigger and will be easier for more people to access around the world. I believe that there is something bigger and better out there so that together we can reach more people and bring awareness to a crazy place we call Earth. :)

I wanted to send you a personal email THANKING YOU so much for all of your support over the days, months and years that you have listened and been apart of my work. Getting to know you has been a pleasure, honor and a highlight in my life.

As I was taught by my beautiful "Peeps", "Without YOU there would be no me and without me there would be no you". YOU have brought more to my life than you will ever know and TOGETHER we have grown, learned, laughed, cried and loved!

This is a note that some of you may have seen on my Facebook that I posted to the many responses I received in support of Lisa J. NOW!:

"You have touched my heart over the years in ways you will never possibly imagine, each one of you. The people I have connected with on the show and the ones I never talked too... but I KNOW are there everyday listening and growing with all of us! You are MY ROCKSTARS and TOGETHER we will move onward and upward on the magic carpet ride. Continue to follow me on Facebook and I will find a home for all of us soon...I PROMISE. Remember I am still doing readings and sessions in my office in Detroit or by phone anywhere in the world. NOW I have a lot of time to get to EVERYONE so don't hesitate to call or SPREAD THE WORD about MY PRIVATE READINGS. www.lisajnow.com

I love you all and APPRECIATE YOU and ALL your support thru the years...you have been there for me in ways you will NEVER KNOW...we are a TEAM...I wanted team "Lisa J."...and you ARE all on it! Time to kick it into high gear! XOXOXOX WE ARE "HUMAN SPIRITUAL ROCKSTAR BAD ASS WARRIORS"...time to persevere"!!

I know you can not call in anymore for 'Messages from Spirit' or for the Wisdom Deck presently, but I am available for private sessions at www.lisajnow.com.

I just included a 30 minute phone session at a lower price if you can not do the 45 minutes.

I am available usually within the week, am now VERY flexible with my times and can spend more time with you one on one. I suppose all clouds have a silver lining.

Please continue to check my web site for updates, events, etc... www.lisajnow.com, Follow me on Facebook, LISAJSMITH022 and my public page on FB, Lisa J Smith. Add yourself and your loved ones to the Lisa J. Healing Circle of Light on Facebook and finally Twitter: Lisajsmith.

Thank you for spreading the word about my services and remember...


Lisa J. Smith

Lisa J. Smith Enterprises


248 593 5227

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i just saw another raccoon on the way home tonight (this time happy to be in my bed and not a tent surrounded by them lol )...

i asked it what it wanted to tell me on the beautiful full moon....it told me that everything will be OK...and even though my back is tattooed with 3 lil birds....its ok...because now it is time for a racoon to 'have my back'. i said ok...whatever YOU say mr. racoon...and i thanked it for bringing me messages.

you see...what i fear the most was and is myself and my power. the raccoons...although they were in my camp to eat my food last week ( and there were a lot of them), were telling me that 'everything lil thing is going to be ok and to not be afraid of who i am...they tell me that the raccoon mask is not a way to hide what they dont want us to see...their mask are a way for them to adapt to any given situation. they tell me that they are smart, funny, witty, loving, kind, and adaptable! adaptable....now there is a concept...go with the flow...see what happens...let go...no worries...by wearing a mask we are able to adapt and change to situations that need adapting too....

funny how the thought of our own power can be so scary...but looking at others in there power is so empowering....we are so interesting us humans.

sooooo.....on this full moon...use the brilliant light from the magnificent light in the sky to shine upon your inner most fears and release them to the wild. be afraid...feel it...understand and respect it then let it go! the light from the dark sky will be the instrument to release, the light will release you and the darkness will transmute and keep you safe...you are always safe!

it is time to take an honest look at who you are, where you are going and remove any rode blocks that stand in the way of you and your dreams....we only have so many chances to blow out the birthday candles and make a wish....when i blow out my final candle my greatest wish is not for what i WISH (LACK) i had but a reflection back on all that i created, loved and learned. please use the energies around you to heal, transform and uplift you to the next place in your evolution.

life is short. we have much to do in the less than a 100 years (give or take) we have to be all that we can be. we are given each other, the planets, the animals and many energetic helpers to guide us and help us to become all that we can be....

enjoy your journey rockstars....

one thing is for sure....there will not be another one like this one....( ok some of you can stop cheering now lol lol ...if it's not this journey....it will be sure to be another so enjoy the one you have)!

Monday, May 16, 2011


it is very interesting. i wish i could say that i was more sad...but the fact is that i am so happy for the person that has left their physical body it is hard to be sad for them. now of course i am so sad for my best friends and their families. i am sad because the world needs more women like aunt Bea! i am sad because we don't understand the death is birth and renewal. i am sad that we feel so sad. i am sad because it makes me miss the people in my life who are not here in the physical...but in that moment...i feel such peace for the person who once lived as we are and is now living in another way!

so, i sat there and closed my eyes and i just felt. i felt what was going on around me. i felt the sadness. i felt the joy. i felt the love. i felt the void. i felt the unhappiness of those living who wished they had done more with their lives. i felt the sorrow of the families. i felt the celebration of life on the other side. i felt the song that raised our spirits and brought us to tears. i felt the memories of all those packed into the chapel. i felt the truth of spirit and the lies of humanity. i felt the unity and the separation. i felt the separation that ignorance, religion and racism bring..needless to say i felt a lot in 45 minutes.

i started thinking on my way home...how do you sum up a lifetime in only 45 minutes? aunt bea had been through so much in her 88 years that it is hard to even know where to start. she buried her 2 husbands and 2 children...where do you start with that? she lived though...she lived and shined brighter than most that i have met.

where do you start with all the little things that happened throughout her lifetime that may or may not have brought her to her knees begging for grace and brought her to the heavens where she found new and stronger faith.

i was thinking of all the situations and people in my life that have hurt me. i thought of all the people and places that bring me joy. i thought of all the people in my life who i can trust who REALLY have my back and i can call a friend. i thought of all the people were not friends and that hurt me and the people who blow smoke up my skirt and pretend to care. i thought of the people, who in some way or another, have brought such immense pain into my life but were my teachers and played significant roles (nonetheless) and how much i loved the ones that have hurt me the most. i thought about how amazing each and every person and place are and is in making up my story as i go through this lifetime. i thought about how much i have learned in only a few months...let alone the past almost 43 years. the day to day at times can feel so overwhelming and at times just to hard to get through at times...so we stay in our moment waiting for the next moment...and we breathe! we think of the big picture. we think of ourselves. we think of how we affect other people. we think of the whole. we think of our place in the world...we become 'our own' place in the world.

i wondered when i die will people say i lived with class, grace and i triumphed over pain? that i taught people something and that i left the world a better place than when i came in. i wondered, as so many of you wonder, about the things in my life i wish i would have done different...or the choices that i have made. i sat as i honored aunt bea...wondering about life. my life...your life...aunt beas life. i concluded that all i really want to do i live! the ironic thing about me saying that is all i ever really wanted to do is be the one who got to go home. life is hard. it is painful and my whole life all i wanted to do was go home..i felt so separate from something i just did not know what. i am not going to kill myself. i am not unhappy. i am not miserable and sad. i just missed this part of me that i could never put my finger on. but then a funny thing happened when i began to feel again. i realized sometime ago that i was already where i wanted to be. my heart and my soul was not separate from but is a part of all that is. i did not need to feel home sick. i did not need to long for what was. i only needed to tap into what i already was and where i was at that moment. when i was able to do that i realized that that part of home was within me all a long.

today as i sat smiling, hearing aunt bea say to me, " be happy i am finally where i am supposed to be...and it feels good to be home". i knew she meant home with her family. she did her time here on earth (i was a little jealous i must add lol). as my beautiful friend mike said in her eulogy, "she came here to feel the joy"...88 years of joy may i add and that is a lot of joy.

aunt bea lived....boy did she ever! she triumphed over life. she came to win and she won. now she is out of this body and onto other things. as my lifelong best friends are at the cemetery, right now, placing her no more needed body into the ground....i sit here where i am guided to be, at home, with my "stuff", all alone psychically...but spiritually home with aunt bea and all of our loved ones around me reminding me to live; to take in the pain, the beauty, the sights and the smells and most of all...the feelings of being human...of what we call being 'alive'. we are truly blessed.

you see, aunt bea is everywhere all the time in everything and so are we!

so how do you sum up 88 years in 45 minutes? you just say she lived. she loved and let us love her. she brought beauty into the world and sang as beautifully as a lark bird. i know my life is forever different because of aunt bea and her being in this world at the same time as me....if only for a moment...her being here taught us it was all "ok" and "God brings us that in which we need".

i wonder, as so many people do, what they will say about me when i die! what will be my legacy and what my children and maybe grandchildren will say? i strive for people to remember that i lived authentic and real...that although FAR from perfect, i loved with all my heart...maybe too much if that is possible. that my heart broke easy and that i at times trusted people to much, but again that is because i saw their soul and not their humanity. that i to trumped over heart break and remembered who i was. that i taught one person something that they did not know before and i paved the way for others to live their best life that they could . that i forgave and rose above and that i too had class and grace. that i was one ' rockstar spiritual bad ass warrior' and that i crossed over finding my voice, standing up for myself and always being able to stand within my own truth. that i was not afraid to live anymore and i found my wings to fly!

now you see why aunt bea was so amazing...she continues to inspire and to set your heart free from wherever she may be!

it has been asked before:

what do you want your legacy to be?

what do you want your 45 minutes to say about the person you were and how you lived your life?

Monday, April 25, 2011

EGO...love it!!!


How do I work with my EGO? I have found over the past several days I have a very HEALTHY, HAPPY one. And I keep hearing "Arrogance"???? But I can't get anything more than that? Ugh, the psychic shrapnel is a pain in the arse.

My answer:
i love devils advocate...that is how we learn...that is why we have black and white, good and bad, up and down, right from left, and ying and yang, blue and red, etc... they are always there playing devils advocate right?

Ego: you can not resist what is because it is your teacher and a part of you…like it or not! use ego to apply the right leverage and it to advance you rather than limit you. Ego is perception....your ego’s only purpose is to kick your ASS and keep you in check.

Say, “thank you so much...i understand that you are here teaching me ___________now that i know this, i will work with it”.

A perfect example of ego…your ego telling you you are ‘arrogant’ for knowing what you know. your ego is telling you you are ‘arrogant’ because, “Who are you to be ______________” ???

That limited thinking is what your tapes are playing from a lifetime of being told, “who are you to be ____________________??? Don’t be _____________! Be like _______________. If you are like _____________ you are _______________”.

Acknowledge the obvious elephant in the room....ask listen and learn... say to yourself, “I am me to be me”....”I am ok to be ___________ and as a matter of fact I was born to be ______________. Thank you for reminding me because I was forgetting who I WAS”.

Now ego did its job by nudging you and kicking you in the butt to get YOU to the point of accepting who you are. It will continue to kiss your butt until you get it….don’t wonder why its not working…it is…are you learning?

ego is not the enemy...it plays its role…end of story! it is learning to check with yourself...working with yourself in all the moments to find the balance and discover things about yourself that have been hidden...it is there teaching you and getting you to learn to listen to WHO you are...not what the tapes what you to be.

that is egos job...

now say, “THANK YOU ego for making me the spiritual BAD ASS that i am...and reminding me of who i am and who i was born to be”!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yes, my shows are LIVE!!!! Lisa J. NOW!

3 hours everyday, 3pm ET, for YOU and YOUR friend, family,m coworkers, etc....to LISTEN TOO and to call & connect with intuitive psychic me & all that is! 248 545 7685, CBS Radio The Sky

How much more can I give to you? :)

If they happen not to be LIVE, now and then, it is simply because I can NOT be there.

If you never heard the show before, it is still NEW TO YOU....if you have heard it before...then listen again...because you just never know what you will get the second time...

and for all that is good in the UNIVERSE...please spread the word about me!


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