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Lisa is a talk show host and radio personality.

In addition she is a lecturer, writer, teacher, motivational speaker, Reiki master and intuitive psychic medium. She is quickly becoming known as "The New Voice For A New Age" around the globe.

Lisa J. uses her accurate and healing psychic and mediumship abilities to help empower people to live like the "Rockstars" they were born to be. Her unique delivery, her positive attitude, her approachable girl next-door charm and her down to earth messages are quickly touching the lives of people all over the world.

Lisa believes that we are all intuitive, we are all psychic and there is nothing she can do that you cannot. This is not about believing in psychic abilities. Lisa is not about proving that spirit exists or that your loved ones are still with you even though she has given thousands of messages that prove they are. Lisa's passion is to teach others that being 'psychic is as natural as breathing' and can be used to enrich lives.

Lisa J. Smith works with her clients, listeners and audience members in a unique way so as to touch their soul and heal their hearts. Her unique and positive outlook on life is changing the way people around the world view themselves and others even through tough times.

Lisa J. Smith is available for lectures, college-speaking events, television and radio appearances and is currently working on writing her first book.

As she says, "Wherever you are, I am too".

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fathers day 2009

A message channeled from Lisa’s guides, known as her “peeps” for Fathers Day 2009

Fathers, fathers, fathers, oh our beautiful fathers of light.

Oh a day to celebrate the birth of the father. This is the celebration of the other half of you. Is it any coincidence that we are both masculine and feminine in a world where balance is a universal law? Are we not all both masculine and feminine? In essence, this holiday weekend we are celebrating the wholeness of ourselves as a collective part of all that is. The male, the female and the oneness of all there is together.

When we speak of father energy we speak of the energy of business, control, take charge, action and the forced mind. You all have this within you. Many do not know that they have this within and feel victimized and powerless without choice. This is nothing more than the human mind. The truth is you are anything but.

You see mother is the divine feminine. She is the gift from above that nourishes the soul and creates harmony within the world for all to run smoothly from a motherly place. If we live in a world where everything is balanced then we need the divine masculine for the other side to be the action. Together we are one.

The male, known as the father energy, is stable, grounded, focused, willing to take chances and to take charge. The father energy, regardless of human gender, is within each of you. This is the part of each of you that gets things done, focuses your action energy and co creates with the mother energy for balance. Oneness!

So many ask how do we go into action? You all want to create and manifest your dreams. How do you do this? We encourage you to call in the divine masculine energy to reach your goals in order to manifest and create that which you want. The divine feminine will nourish your dreams…your father will put them into action. Give thanks this weekend for that part of you.

We cannot leave you beautiful souls without addressing your loved ones who have ‘crossed over’. We know that there are many of you who are missing your beloved fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and grandfathers this Fathers Day weekend.

Know that your loved ones are never far and they are always willing to assist you in what ever it is that you need them to.

Yes their form may have changed but the love; the connection to you and the essence of their soul remains forever the same.

We encourage you to feel. We encourage you to send love. We encourage you to build your foundation of what you know as your truth and move into the unknown. This is where you will build beautiful bridges between this world and the ‘heavenly’ world of the so called ‘ever after’.

Know that you fathers, your grandfathers, your husbands, your brothers and your sons feel your love. They feel your light. They feel your energy. They only want for you to celebrate with a happy heart this “holiday weekend”. Please do not mourn the loss of your loved ones this Fathers Day weekend. Celebrate the endless love that encompasses all beings, all living creatures even those in another form

You are loved from this side and the ‘other side’. Wherever you go…we, they, all of us walk together and unite in peace, love and light.

We encourage you to celebrate the life that YOU are living in the now. Do not mourn for what you do not have. Celebrate what you do have. Celebrate this weekend for you are still ‘living’. As you celebrate your lives today your loved ones on the other side will celebrate theirs as well.

Be well our friends and prosper! For you are the divine beings of light and love.

Lisa’s beloved and wonderful peeps that celebrate joy in all their moments…for joy is all there is!

For all those who may have challenging relationships with loved ones in your lives today, know that they love you. “People” have a hard time showing emotions and truths at times. The goal in challenging relationships is to always remember love for thy self. You can be sure that even though love can be hard to show for some it is true that love really is all there is underneath all of it. You are loved and that is all there is to it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

52 weeks

What to say...What to say? Another day, another night....and here we are... things so different or so much the same?

Hmmmm.....What a difference a year makes. It is so hard to believe that 52 weeks can change so much. My life was so different....or was it so much the same and I have changed?

Most likely I have changed, my perception has changed, my attitude and outlook have changed and yes, I suppose things have changed too. Maybe I let go, maybe I just don';t care about what used to get to me, maybe the lessons of the last year were like 'spiritual boot camp' and here I stand stronger and prouder.

So, where were you last year at this time? I was sitting on the bathroom floor wondering how in the world I was going to get up for another round....I honestly believe that I had the 'dark night of my soul' that night. So much pain and hurt. To much for anyone person to bare to tell you the truth...yet I did it. I am here...TODAY in this moment...I am here and never happier, more peaceful and calm within me. Don't get me wrong I still have my moments. lol lol lol

I was shedding and getting rid of old musty baggage that I did not need. Would have been nice to know that then ...for what I know now would have been very helpful to say the least. Funny how that works huh? I mean I get it, why it works that way, but it would have made that 'trip' a little easier for sure.

Today, I sit here in total amazement of me. How I pulled through the worst times of my life and have managed to be so happy, positive and up beat. How did I do that? I honestly have no idea. I did it though! I did with the help of good friends and an amazing "job" that gives me hope and healing.

I was a mess...a 'hot mess' as my friend says. I did not think I would make it another day...yet here I am . Alive, happy, well, and full of hope and and inspiration. Is everything ideal and perfect...no not really. I guess, 'it is what it is', as BW an old friend, used to say.

Really on paper it looks pretty grim to be honest....but I AM HAPPY! I AM PROUD! AND I MADE IT BABY!

So I ask you where were you last year at this time? Happy, sad, loved, in love? Where were you and how has your life over the past 52 weeks made you who you are today?

If you feel like I did last year...hang on baby...the BEST is yet to come! If I can do it...I KNOW you can too!

Believe because you are an amazing be-ing with incredable powers that you can never imagine!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From WE to ME!

It is time to move away from the WE into the ME!

The 'W' in the 'we' holds onto all the old stuff WE don't need....turn it upside down, empty it out and you will get back to the 'ME'. The 'M' holds you together.

Trust in the ME that you will be ok.....

Monday, April 6, 2009

YOU are a volunteer not a victim

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today is a great day.

Depending where you are who you are or what you have going on in your life....today is a great day. I would know because in the last year I have had my butt handed to me on a shiny silver platter for the world to see.

I made it! I am here today..I made it to today!

I made it through probably the hardest of times into calmer waters. There were days I thought "There is no way I can get knocked down one more time. How much can one person take?"

I did it! Not that everyday is easy. Not that everyday does not come with its own set of challenges...because boy oh boy does it ever. The same people are in my life. The same people have not changed. The same situations present themselves to me day in and day out. What is different is me. I am DIFFERENT.

"Change your perception change your life". I say that on my radio show all the time...I know this to be true because I LIVE IT DAILY~

Remember who you are. Remember that you were born to be all that YOU were born to be. You are not what your family, your husband, your partner, your kids, your employer, society wants you to be.....it is what YOU were born to be!

It is so hard when you begin to walk...you fall, you stumble, you sometimes hurt yourself but soon you will be off and running and there will be no looking back. I am now walking....almost running....

Who knows what today will hold for me...and for you. (save the psychic jokes please) lol

Together we will run the marathon of life!

ROCKSTAR Mentality

ROCKSTAR Mentality

ROCKSTAR mentality is knowing who you are, owning your stage and empowering yourself to be all that you KNOW you are but have been afraid to show it. Why are you afraid to show it? Because we are all conditioned to play small instead of big. We think by playing small we make other people feel good. Marianne Williamson talks about his in her famous quote from her book, A Return to Love, “Who are you not to be beautiful”, etc… Be a Rockstar today and everyday. You already are one so you might as well step into your truth, into yo ur power and ROCK this world with all that you have in all of your moments. This is WHY you are here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Who are you?

Who are you? Well who are you not?

You are everything. You are the sun and the moon and the stars and the trees. You are the rain and the clouds and the wind and the ocean.You are the beauty of everything and the nothingness of all that is. You are beautiful. You are magnificence in a physical beautiful body. You are wise. You are light. You are light. You are YOU. You are the sum of everything you have ever been yet you are only this moment. You are YOU. YOU YOU YOU! You are loved, you are never alone, you are part of me as I am part of you. Be well and smile in this moment…and the next …and the next!

What is purpose you ask?

What is purpose you ask?

You have no purpose. Your only purpose is to be. Be who you are. Live your journey and be all that you are already are. There is nothing to do. There is no-where to be because you are already doing and being everything you are meant to be. YOU!When we talk about purpose you automatically go into a state of not knowing whom you are. You go into a state of maybe I “should” be doing something other than you already are doing. You go into a feeling of “oh no, I am off my path.” Well I am here to tell you there is not path. The “path” that you are on is the only path that is so how can it be wrong. This moment right now is all that there is.