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Lisa is a talk show host and radio personality.

In addition she is a lecturer, writer, teacher, motivational speaker, Reiki master and intuitive psychic medium. She is quickly becoming known as "The New Voice For A New Age" around the globe.

Lisa J. uses her accurate and healing psychic and mediumship abilities to help empower people to live like the "Rockstars" they were born to be. Her unique delivery, her positive attitude, her approachable girl next-door charm and her down to earth messages are quickly touching the lives of people all over the world.

Lisa believes that we are all intuitive, we are all psychic and there is nothing she can do that you cannot. This is not about believing in psychic abilities. Lisa is not about proving that spirit exists or that your loved ones are still with you even though she has given thousands of messages that prove they are. Lisa's passion is to teach others that being 'psychic is as natural as breathing' and can be used to enrich lives.

Lisa J. Smith works with her clients, listeners and audience members in a unique way so as to touch their soul and heal their hearts. Her unique and positive outlook on life is changing the way people around the world view themselves and others even through tough times.

Lisa J. Smith is available for lectures, college-speaking events, television and radio appearances and is currently working on writing her first book.

As she says, "Wherever you are, I am too".

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i just saw another raccoon on the way home tonight (this time happy to be in my bed and not a tent surrounded by them lol )...

i asked it what it wanted to tell me on the beautiful full moon....it told me that everything will be OK...and even though my back is tattooed with 3 lil birds....its ok...because now it is time for a racoon to 'have my back'. i said ok...whatever YOU say mr. racoon...and i thanked it for bringing me messages.

you see...what i fear the most was and is myself and my power. the raccoons...although they were in my camp to eat my food last week ( and there were a lot of them), were telling me that 'everything lil thing is going to be ok and to not be afraid of who i am...they tell me that the raccoon mask is not a way to hide what they dont want us to see...their mask are a way for them to adapt to any given situation. they tell me that they are smart, funny, witty, loving, kind, and adaptable! adaptable....now there is a concept...go with the flow...see what happens...let go...no worries...by wearing a mask we are able to adapt and change to situations that need adapting too....

funny how the thought of our own power can be so scary...but looking at others in there power is so empowering....we are so interesting us humans.

sooooo.....on this full moon...use the brilliant light from the magnificent light in the sky to shine upon your inner most fears and release them to the wild. be afraid...feel it...understand and respect it then let it go! the light from the dark sky will be the instrument to release, the light will release you and the darkness will transmute and keep you safe...you are always safe!

it is time to take an honest look at who you are, where you are going and remove any rode blocks that stand in the way of you and your dreams....we only have so many chances to blow out the birthday candles and make a wish....when i blow out my final candle my greatest wish is not for what i WISH (LACK) i had but a reflection back on all that i created, loved and learned. please use the energies around you to heal, transform and uplift you to the next place in your evolution.

life is short. we have much to do in the less than a 100 years (give or take) we have to be all that we can be. we are given each other, the planets, the animals and many energetic helpers to guide us and help us to become all that we can be....

enjoy your journey rockstars....

one thing is for sure....there will not be another one like this one....( ok some of you can stop cheering now lol lol ...if it's not this journey....it will be sure to be another so enjoy the one you have)!