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Lisa is a talk show host and radio personality.

In addition she is a lecturer, writer, teacher, motivational speaker, Reiki master and intuitive psychic medium. She is quickly becoming known as "The New Voice For A New Age" around the globe.

Lisa J. uses her accurate and healing psychic and mediumship abilities to help empower people to live like the "Rockstars" they were born to be. Her unique delivery, her positive attitude, her approachable girl next-door charm and her down to earth messages are quickly touching the lives of people all over the world.

Lisa believes that we are all intuitive, we are all psychic and there is nothing she can do that you cannot. This is not about believing in psychic abilities. Lisa is not about proving that spirit exists or that your loved ones are still with you even though she has given thousands of messages that prove they are. Lisa's passion is to teach others that being 'psychic is as natural as breathing' and can be used to enrich lives.

Lisa J. Smith works with her clients, listeners and audience members in a unique way so as to touch their soul and heal their hearts. Her unique and positive outlook on life is changing the way people around the world view themselves and others even through tough times.

Lisa J. Smith is available for lectures, college-speaking events, television and radio appearances and is currently working on writing her first book.

As she says, "Wherever you are, I am too".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rockstar Code of Ethics

 i am a rockstar...and knowing that not everyday is a rockstar kinda day makes us more of a rockstar!
it's ok to just be YOU even when you dont feel like it! that is the rockstar way of being.

The Lisa J." Rockstar" code of ethics:

  • be you
  • be beautiful
  • be brave
  • be honest
  • be the truth
  • be humble
  • be strong
  • be proud
  • be courageous
  • be love
  • be faith
  • be the sun
  • be the rain
  • be the clouds
  • be the rainbows
  • be perseverance
  • be your truth
  • be-lieve
  • know your value
  • be the light
  • be the music
  • be the dance
  • be the magic
  • be YOU....
~Show up even on the crappy days and smile...for ALL rockstars know the show must go on. 

it is going to go on YOUR WAY because it is YOUR SHOW!

that is the Rockstar code of ethics.
BE it and know that you are loved!

my new tatts!

ok they do look much better in person i have to say! this pic does not do them justice!

the birds are me and my 2 kids:
the two coming from the one. beautiful, unique and colorful! they are learning to ...fly, taking off and and having their own experiences, flying in different directions and finding their wings to be what they want...free..rising up and above from where they came from.... each bird is different but still a bird all from one..it is birth, it is flight, it is rising above, it is freedom, it is life and living!

the one on my neck: 

the star (some say a Jewish star) are 2 triangles that represent "as above so below"...overlapping the two triangles...because after all there is no there and here...there only is everywhere! remember the venn diagram from math? lol the infinity represents the space in between that holds both above and below, the space that overlaps and the connection to all that is between the two...it is infinite.

the dots around the symbol of "as above so below"...connects all that is...it is the circle of life encompassing all...telling a story...and helping us to remember that everything comes full circle if we just believe: FAITH!

the symbols help me to remember that i am one, i am safe, i am goddess, i am the sun, i am light, i am love, i am beauty, i am whole, i am a force, i am all knowing and a force within myself:

the symbols around the outside are:

signifies divinity and the oneness of all the creations of God.

Fleur de Lis:
I have always loved this symbol...means "flowers of the lilly" although some say it is an iris...which are one of my favorite flowers, the lis is short for lisa (flower of lis and i LOVE FLOWERS), and has been used to represent French royalty. It also signifies perfection, light and life which i love.

always drawn to the Egyptians...some say it is the key of life, eternal life, to me it is just something that feels part of me and honestly in my mind today...i dont really feel it but ALWAYS feel 'guided' to call upon it...must be past life! lol

The Eye of Horus: a powerful symbol of protection and the "all seeing eye". It is also associated with the falcon ( with the birds again and goddess energy. It's a symbol of the Sun, and it was also called eye of Ra (by the Egyptian Sun god, Ra). The falcon's left eye represents the Moon.

so there you have it....a little bit about me!

go figure....wait until my mom sees it....oh vey! lol 

but she will like the "Jewish star" idea....i think! 
no...thinkin NOT SO MUCH! haha