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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inpsiration from the movie Case #39: Letting go and FEAR


isn't it funny  how it is always so easy to say but such another to walk in? i suppose if we all walked in faith all the time we would not need to be here.

fear will kick your ass and make you feel like a shell of the spirit that you are. it will test your ability to love. it will test your ability to give. it will test your ability to be in the moment. it will test your ability to find freedom. it will test your ability to LIVE!

FEAR...some people seek it out, thrill seekers, some people fear nothing they say. i think that at times, we all fear something. i think that if we are honest with ourselves we can find a little something something inside of us that  scares us even if it is just a little. that fear keeps us safe so we don't do stupid things...if you had no fear what would you do?????  exactly...IT KEEPS US ALIVE TOO! example, if we touch a hot stove and get burned once we learn to fear putting our hands on a hot stove so we don't get burned again...FEAR is knowledge that leads to wisdom if you follow the path....but man the first time HURTS!

some people use that FEAR as a platform to spring board through to the next chapter, some people shut down completely and are afraid to move, then like most of us we fall somehow in the middle. we disguise it, right it off, ignore it in the hopes that it will go away, yell at it, damn it and do whatever we can to NOT deal with it.

the funny thing is the more we do that...the more FeAr grows and grows until it is so big we stop breathing...we freeze. we have no power anymore...our life line is numb!

did you know that fear can not hurt you. it has no power over you what-so-ever. the only power that fear has is the power and the fuel we give it....and boy do we give it fuel...the what if's and the whens and the OMG's, and the blah blah blahs we come up with.  fear laughs....it laughs and laughs bc it is winning and knows that we are afraid so we are feeding its life line...and it grows and grows until it thinks it is in control of YOU! it can tell you what to do. it bosses you around and you succumb to its every wish bc you are AFRAID of the consequences of what the fear will bring you. the fear is so real. illusion...what illusion it is ReAL...it is? no, it is not real...it is a projection of false thoughts in your mind...it can not exist unless you manifest it...YOUR truth becomes YOUR reality...create your REALITY...no one says fear has to win every time...we are just chickens...to afraid because we fear what will happen to us yet nothing will happen unless you make it happen....fear does not make it happen...we FREAK OUT!

if you look at fear and you face your fear it WILL go away...does it mean you will be overly happy... NO! sometimes it is emotional and brings up things we would rather not look at...hence the food for fear.... it means the FEAR of the fear will go away and then you can begin to do your "work". i know bc i have had to do this more than one time in my life and so have YOU!

i just saw the movie, Case 39 ....when the main character faced her fear, her "demons", they lost their power. she told them it is not not real, it is not real you are not there, it is not real....guess what....it was not there. it is not that she pushed them in or ignored them...she addressed it, walked into it,  and and then came right thru it...the FEAR....was powerless.

Letting go....FEAR...duh there is FEAR! "LET GO of what no longer serves you"....we all say it and we say it all the time. What a way to sabotage and keep us from our light and from our joy. if i am a little kid and i am hanging on the monkey bars for dear life.....and all my friends say "let go",  but i am afraid of what is beneath me...there is no way in hell i am going to let go! i am going to hang on until my hands bleed. if some one says "ok lisa, the ground is right underneath you and when you open your hands, you will gently and very softly  and in the cradle of mother earths hands where you fall into love and warmth...you bet i will LET GO...but FEAR will never let us hear that. fear will say, YOU ARE GOING TO FALL LISA". so forget it...ill hold on thank you very much!

i have yet to find an answer that makes me not afraid to LET GO.... i propose the word 'accept'. when i am hanging onto the monkey bars and my friends are saying, "ok lis....we have to go in now and i LET GO....i acceptated, in that moment, there is nothing to be afraid of and i theeennnnn LET GO!

FAITH: you already are the faith. you already are the strength. you are the courage and the love. the illusion is binding you to the "fear".

the fear:  you need to know what is is, learn from it and thank it for showing up so that you can move forward without it. it made you a fighter, it gave you confidence,it showed you that you are a bad ass and someone to not mess with, it gave to you what your soul was trying for years to make you see. we dont see it bc it is easier to unconsciously  look the other way....who wants to go through that right????

YOU already have what it is you need.

do not let go...as that will put you in more fear...who the hell wants to let go right???? i know if i have to let go i have fear....fear of falling fear of smashing on the ground.. fear fear fear.....no letting go...only being with what scares you. owning who you are in your heart and instead accepting whatever it is, know that everything is moving around you and YOU will always be OK.nothing is going to hurt you EVER if you dont allow it too.

again easier said than done and boy that fear is somethin' else. :)  its only a fear my love...only a fear....we can do this i keep hearing...

when you see the movie, Cast #39...btw, i hate those movies because they scare me ( i hated every minute i was there and wished i was at a comedy).  reflecting back on the movie i learned a lot....look at the "demons" as your own...how yours show up in your life, what do they look like, how do you let them take your life from you and finally see how to overcome them! who would have thought....THAT movie would teach so much about letting go, fear and finding peace...i suppose hiding in LISA'S WORLD all the time will only give me what i already know....we have to be uncomfortable to see what the message is right in front of us....

Silver Lining: YOU WILL BE SOOOO PROUD OF YOURSELF for seeing what you are really MADE of...strength, courage, perseverance and LOVE!


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