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Sunday, November 28, 2010

tem·po·rar·y~ what this 2010 thanksgiving taught me


 /ˈtɛmpəˌrɛri/ Show Spelled [tem-puh-rer-ee]

lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a time only; not permanent:

~the one thing that i am learning, not always the easy way, is that nothing stays the same. much to how i wish with all my might it did...it does not!

we write books about it. we talk about it. we give lectures about it. we discuss it. we intellectually understand the concept..but living it is not always so easy!

the difficulty lies in accepting and truly understanding that nothing ever stays the same. marriage, relationships, kids, friends, work, living situations, emotions, feelings, time, time, places, etc....nothing is permanent.

i am beginning to see that when we think it is we are setting ourselves up for something that can not possibly exist. everything changes...it has too! i never really GOT that before....although i knew it...ya i know, it is my light bulb moment!

i asked my peeps what they have to say about 'temporary', and this is what they tell me:

for our dear children and freinds...can you imagine a world where there was only permanent and no temporary. your world would be stiff, solid, rigid and cold. there would be no fluidity. there would be no growth. there would be no-thing. it simply can not be.

temporary allows for the old to wash away and for the new to come in. temporary allows for change. now some do not like change...just ask lisa! for others they thrive in it. either way, change is the only way to survive. without change there would be no air, there would be no life, there would be no movement, there would be no breath. without change one would have no reason to be.

you see, change and temporary, allow you to become all that you dream of. it allows you the opportunity to change, to move, to sail upon the wind and to grow into the beautiful being's that your heart dreams of. by changing and being temporary you are allowed to go to beautiful places within your heart and with in your mind. temporary allows, the what you call negative or bad, to be "washed" away. it seems so scary but it is really quite calming and beautiful. it is like a birth...exhausting and weary yet rewarding and miraculous beyond your wildest dreams.

nothing is being taken away from you when things change. things are being given to you for you to mold and create into new opportunities and new adventures. when you change the way you look at the world the world changes with you. allow yourself the beautiful gift of change. allow the temporary to embrace your life and take you where you need and ultimately want to go. allow temporary to be your friend and know that temporary has your back.

allow temporary to be what it is....fluid and ever changing to bring you what you want in your life.

if nothing ever changed, can you imagine what the world would look like?? if nothing ever changed there would be no reason for any of you or for anything.

allow your faces and bodies to change, allow them to be temporary homes that house your soul...for now. take care of them and nourish them and allow them to change. there is no growing old. Some of you change your faces and your bodies to look like you did when you were 20. that was temporary, 20 was then...today is now...it has changed...and that is ok. it, your temporary body, is supposed to change or else it would not. allow the change to be beautiful. allow the wrinkles and the curves. allow the youth to live within and allow outer age to show your wisdom, courage and strength.

everything is temporary for a reason...allow children to grow up and out, allow relationships to end, allow new life to begin, allow new work to come to you...do not allow the fear of change to hold you back for your soul is longing to breath. it can only breath when you allow temporary into your space. allow temporary to be your friend and take you where your soul needs to be! we love you and whatever you decide to do is fine with us....we are only here to tell you what we know...the living is up to you!

~loving and affectionately called "the peeps" by Lisa (J.) ;)

WOW! and that is why i love, love, love my peeps so much. they teach me, they help me to remember what is important and they bring such deep love i can feel it in every cell.

i remember why i am blessed. i remember that i am blessed to have had what i once had; a loving family, 2 beautiful kids who are grown up now, i had a husband who loved me as much as he could, a beautiful dog names Brownie, a best friend named Tracey and a house that i owned and raised my family in. i have so much to give thanks for. it has taken me allllll Thanksgiving week to find this in my heart. i felt like the Grinch...with a very little heart and NO love to give at all. that sucks when all you want is to be you! i still have a little ways to go....but isn't that just life?

so for now (as i am learning is so fleeting) i sit and feel lighter. i feel better. i feel like me. i feel like i have given birth yet again...this time to a beautiful little thing called change. i will nurture this moment for change is sure to be temporary.

i needed to understand that in order to move on. i hope that it helps you too!

hey we are all in this together, right? that is one thing that will NEVER change! the unity of peeps...here there and everywhere!!!! xoxox

much love and light for this moment

Lisa J.


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