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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 72 things i learned this weekend..what did you learn?

1. no matter how hard i try, sometimes my trying is not the answer, it is the problem
2. anything is possible even the impossible...i get it but still not sure i GET it yet
3. that a moms love is the ultimate love and something, that unless you are mom, you will never understand
4. i think you can die of a broken heart
5. not everyone has all the answers
6. that even gnomes dont like each other bc they are different..makes me sad
7. that even our 'guides, angels and magical peeps' sometimes just dont know
8. the question is more important than the answer
9. there are no answers
10. there is no fixing anything..even though they do feel broken at times
11. it is up to me to live even if i make that up as i go along
12. i DO have choices..i sometimes just dont like them or want to make them
13. separation from self, love, faith and my peeps are the root of all evils for me
14. that sometimes love is enough....
15. how much do i really want something??? ...if i want it bad enough...ill do anything to fight for it...again how much do i want it???? full circle
16. there is nature then there is nurture...it is a fine line
17. money is meaningless and really does not fix anything. the issues are still there with the money or not in the bank
18. that my life is determined by the choices that i make
19. those that i love the most will never be the people i want them to be. i suppose they need to be the people that they ARE to have their own experiences. next time i am making better choices
20. i really am the same as everyone else. i get tired and i am not a machine. my job does not define me. if someone does not "like" me bc i did not get immediately back with them...that is not my problem and i wish them well. have a nice day!
21. maybe what i thought i once loved really was never love at all. not sure what is was...and maybe it just does not matter anymore
22. autism and differences suck and at the same time is the greatest gift..what a mind and heart screw
23. that truly if i do not stay on the moment and just take things one day at a time i will lose my mind
24. that when i love something you have to let it go...even if it will never come back
25. that no matter how hard you speak your truth sometimes another person will just never understand
26. that are dreams really are trying to tell us something...maybe we are not supposed to know what they mean
27. that fate and destiny are 2 different things
28. nothing is what i think it is
29. sometimes i just have to let go and let god
30. that walking in faith IS scary but really is my only hope to freedom
31. that this is a much slower dimension than i would like
32. i really need a change but at the same time dont really care anymore....and that is just ok with me
33. that i will be ok, AGAIN
34. that some people are just rude, angry and hate life and i am sorry that they feel the way they do
35. that there are a lot of shitty people in the world who do shitty things...sometimes just to be shitty
36. there are even more good people standing by to hold up the weaker ones
37. my heart really is broken, again. but yet for some reason there is more strength in my broken heart than there was before it broke
38. my choices are mine
39. my heart will heal again
40. that sometimes as much as i give it will never be enough
41. i miss my garden so much it makes my heart sad
42. that i am a spiritual warrior...for no other reason that i already made some really tough choices and have come out better than i was the day before
43. i really am good at my job and i KNOW someday the struggle will pay off. at least i love my job and i LOVE LOVE my listeners..as much as they say i help them...they help me too....even when they dont know they are. they hold me up too when i can not stand...i wish they knew that...maybe on some level they do
44. that listening to my heart and trusting my gut is mind boggling at times
45. that there is always a way around something even if i dont know how to get around...cosmic joke
46. we ALWAYS are were we need to be
47. the people that i once admired the most are sometimes that ones who disappoint me the most
48. not all people are who they say they are
49. i still really hate liars. just tell the truth and i can handle that. i can not handle it if someone lies.
50. that i really have come so far...and i really am just so proud of myself...bc of the choices that i have made. most people dont understand them...and that is ok. i now know
51. i really am so over the snow and cold and really do NEED the sun and warmth...it is part of my soul
52. i am over most people who pretend to be something they are not
53. i really dont have to tolerate bad behavior
54. that i do know what i know...even when people try to talk me out of knowing what i know
55. it can rain and snow and be sunny all at the same time
56. i really do love winne the pooh
57. that religion makes me sick...no wait...it isi what people so with religion that makes me sick...not the act of worship itself...live and let live....i really dont care what you belive just leave me and others alone with what we believe
58. i know i found my voice bc of #56 and #20
59. that friends are very very rare and very few people understand that. it is a word that is thrown around with no real understanding of what qualifies one as a friend
60. my saboteur is so wanting to kick my ass right now
61. i really dont want to be fat anymore but dont want to do anything AGAIN bc i just dont have the energy to kick my own ass right now...so it shall be
62. that crying so hard while i was driving...so much that i could not breath and had to pull over and get out of my running car to walk the street, and having a stranger pull over to ask me if i was ok....may have been just what i needed to let go
63. that the same person will kick my ass over and over and over again as long as i allow that person to do it, if i dont want to get in the ring then i wont show up to the arena
64. that i put MYSELF in situations and nothing is happening to me
65. i am so tired of the past
66. that other peoples "lack of respect" is a reflection of them...and just because they throw up on me, it really is sad bc it is about their own lack of respect for themselves
67. i never want to be a martyr, it is so ugly
68. that is really am a happy person and i really like the way that i am
69. i have a lot to do and i will show up and do it...not for you but for me
70. i did not make any mistakes...just next time will make better choices
71. The Adjustment Bureau loosened old seeds...we all have old seeds...LOVED LOVED LOVED that movie and i am so GRATEFUL i saw it.
72. that no one gets it all...my experiences and sharing makes me who i am...take it or leave it!

is it monday yet???

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  1. 7. that even our 'guides, angels and magical peeps' sometimes just dont know

    don't I understand that one...I have not listened to you in a long time, so much has happened since that last call in to your show. but you were right I "could do better" but that person helped me through almost being homeless a couple months after we talked. go figure...lol