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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let a fish be a fish

by Lisa J Smith on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 11:11am

this came to me last night while i was falling asleep. for our friends, family, our children, co workers, employees...for all of us!

if you want a fish to swim do not take him out of the water. you are setting him up to fail.

a fish is a fish and can not be anything but.

by taking him out of the water and setting him on the ground...he will suffocate...not because he does not want to breathe and succeed and do the best he can, but because that is not the way he was built to survive. he was meant to be in the water.

if you purposely take a fish out of the water and set it on the ground then don't blame the fish for not being able to be a fish. you are the one that took him from where he thrives to where he will die. that is no fault of the fish.

the next time you think you are doing someone a favor...stop and think if they are a fish and where they would best fit... if they are a fish leave them in the water so they can thrive there and be the biggest fish in the pond...unless you are afraid that they will become a bigger fish than you! :)

awww....sometimes i think the fish are smarter than we are. we always think that we are untouchable, nothing will ever happened to us and that karma only happens to other people. We try to make our children, family, friends co workers into something they are not and then wonder why it isn't working.

when we live in a place where we support and up lift those who are around us and create the BEST SCENARIO FOR THEM TO BE IN, we are creating a better place for ALL of us to live in. duhh....

too many people are working from fear and ego that they are not enough so they attack or project onto others....when we can lift each other up we will thrive, breathe and create!

i sometimes think that people are the ones getting all tied up in the lines...and the fish are the smart ones...leave them alone and let them be fish!

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  1. so good to read your voice today. it has been a while since i have tuned into your show. many good reasons yet I remember you well. perhaps soon I will again talk with you. I'm doing a life review, selling almost all of that stuff we carry around when moving, and moving back to a place I left ten years ago. Not sure if it's the best move yet, though I know that I need to get away from the life I don't have (much like your fish) here.