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Lisa believes that we are all intuitive, we are all psychic and there is nothing she can do that you cannot. This is not about believing in psychic abilities. Lisa is not about proving that spirit exists or that your loved ones are still with you even though she has given thousands of messages that prove they are. Lisa's passion is to teach others that being 'psychic is as natural as breathing' and can be used to enrich lives.

Lisa J. Smith works with her clients, listeners and audience members in a unique way so as to touch their soul and heal their hearts. Her unique and positive outlook on life is changing the way people around the world view themselves and others even through tough times.

Lisa J. Smith is available for lectures, college-speaking events, television and radio appearances and is currently working on writing her first book.

As she says, "Wherever you are, I am too".

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Full Moons Message from Spirit

"you can't bring in all the possibilities of the new....until you let go of the past". i keep hearing this in my head!

the past can only bog you down. you can not move as fast into the future. the future holds your dreams! it holds amazing possibilities ! im thinking that is how the full moon can help YOU tonight!!!

“Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.” Author unknown.

by letting go, you are choosing to decide that your future is more important that your past bc the past is just that.... i suppose that WE ALL have the CHOICE TO DECIDE...that life is worth the choice....we can not go back...so how to let go is a CHOICE we make to free ourselves from regret, pain, memories...we miss the NOW by living in the THEN! :( ugh HUMANITY.

seems so easy and we all say it to each other do flippantly...but the truth is, when it is your turn to do the work....well it is not so easy....if we let the full moon pull out from us the inner pains that we feel...maybe we will find the relief that we have been looking for. as long as we continue to hang on...we continue to feel pain.

but how? how do we just sit still in all our pain and just allow the" FULL MOON to pull from us" all the pain and hurt we have been carrying around in us sometimes for decades????

how do we sit still for this "cosmic, unexplainable, surgery" that is going to withdraw and pull from us the toxic parts of us that are poisoning our souls?

listen, any experience is a good expereince for it teaches us to rise above and shows us what we are made of, right? but for those of us (and i am guilty), who refuse to let go, who refuse to move on...fully, who refuse to admit that maybe just maybe their lives could be better if only they could release the past... we are getting NO WHERE fast!....

"it takes time. it takes perseverance. it takes courage. it takes belief. it takes strength"....you know what??? blah blah blah.... IT TAKES MAKING A CHOICE right now....to choose the future fully no MATTER WHAT THAT ENTAILS and what that brings to the table for YOU!

it comes down to a SIMPLE thing called a CHOICE! it takes coming to a place within yourself where there is just nowhere else to go. a place that leaves no other options than to stay where you are and have been...or to choose to let go and be free and happy. are you happy with EVERYTHING in your life? have you no regrets? have you let go of all past hurt and resentment and anger and jealousy, and greed, and fear, and self esteem crap, etc...if so you can stop reading now and congratulations!

but for most of us, we don't know what that means to let go. we only know what we know. that perceived knowing which becomes our reality which keeps us frozen in our own hell. use the full moon energy to de-thaw your outer frozen barrier that keeps you trapped inside your hell. to melt your armor. to thaw your cold ice exterior.

it is only when this beautiful full light in the sky, that illuminates the darkness and the dark parts of our soul...can we truly see the light that it shines within our soul.

use the light to see your beauty. as you let go, allow the light to fill up the dark places that once kept you paralyzed in fear; fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of not having enough money, fear of not being healthy, fear of success...fear fear fear!!!!

USE the light to fill the dark parts so that you can see there is NO THING to be afraid of. that all we fear is fear itself. fear does not exist...it simply is a projection of the dark parts of our soul. use the light of the moon to light your up so you can see clearly. so you are not afraid anymore. so you are not in fear of ANYTHING ever again. it is when you use the TOOL of the moons full light energy that we have been given...can you finally release what you no longer need. AWWWWWW sweet release!

we need to let go and let god. we need to let go and let our higher selves. we need to let go and trust ourselves. we needs to let go and trust that spirit will always lift us up and offer salvation when you ask.
although....you only need for what you 'think' therefore fear you do not have.....need for nothing and be everything! there is not letting go...there is only being a part of the NOW!

know that you are loved. that you are light. that you are not alone. that your letting go helps me to let go and my letting go helps you to let go...and together we will let go and soar to heights that only the gods have dreamed of....it is time to let go and be free!

Lisa J. Smith

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