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Sunday, July 18, 2010

This question was asked of me during a show by a wonderful listener:

This question was asked of me during a show by a wonderful listener:

Hi Lisa.. great topic..

Dear God..Spirit - Why do humans need to be challenged with extreme housing,
poverty and basic human needs limitations, imbalances.. to learn in this earth school..

Thank you for the topic!

The answer:

because it seems the only way we can truly understand the whole is to expereince it all.

we don't NEED too, but of course that is the way we collectively, as humans, choose to do it. until the collective changes we are all part of the herd mentality because we are part of the collective.

as far as 'school'....school implies that we are learning something we don't already know....why would be learning all that we already are? makes no sense why we call it that...the hear mentality says it ans we follow it. are we really any different than the herd????

it is about remembering who we are, not learning what we are. i went to school to learn to read...not because i needed to be reminded how to read...because i did not know how to read and they taught me.

BIG difference....the 'lesson' that we are here to "learn" is not so much a lesson. it is about remembering...compassion, love, gratitude, tolerance, forgiveness...all that we are....we are also human and we need to honor the humanness and know that that is a part of who we are...kind of like ego...we can not damn it for it is a part of who we are.

it is to find love for humanity and embrace all the humans...good bad and ugly! haha

we are what we are...duality, love, perceived good, perceived bad, all that is, 'spirits in spacesuits' as i say, etc...there is no good and bad and we need to stop labeling people and situations...that is ego not spirit. we are having experiences..EXPERIENCES!

spirit understands that humanity is just that...it is not good or bad only, A PART of all that is!

we are not only who we are in this lifetime. this is a part of who we are. a part of the experiences that we are having. a part of our true essence of our soul here to EXPERIENCE. a splinter of self...really so cool to look at it this way. we are not victims of life, poverty, war, etc...we are warriors of spirit. spirit taught me a long time agaon that we are the warriors. that we are the brave ones. that we are the ones we should 'worship' for we are the ones who made the trip here....WARRIORS not victims!

this brings me to choices..although for a different topic...we all have choices and personal responsibility that we refuse to accept responsibility for. everyone says that we have war, poverty, etc....then choose not to. then choose wealth, choose, to find housing, etc... I KNOW living in poverty, i KNOW being in the system, i KNOW what loss is for i have been though all of that. it is about choosing to tap into your power not your weakness...always easy...NO WAY! but a choice for sure!

underneath all of us is this amazing energy of all that is, i suppose here we call it LOVE! we need to remember who we are....not learn it! this is NOT a school....it is a place were a part of us come to remember....yes, a splinter part of who we are.

be who you were born to be....and by doing that you are holding space for others to be who they are!
again easy...depends on the moment not even the day...but possible FOR SURE! ;)


Lisa J.

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  1. What an incredible message from Spirit..
    That is such an important difference..
    Between Experiencing.. & Allowing.. and Learning. How we interpret (these) words totally changes the path we take..
    what an example of how to make better choices based our interpretations.. and how it all collective anyway.. I really needed to see this today.. Really great advice..
    Lisa..thank you so much for posting!